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For over five years my daughter’s and I have been a bit crazy with our crafting efforts. Our love to create something out of nothing has been a site to see, if for no other reason than the bonding experience we have shared. Back in 2002 we started a fun website for our crazy crafts. Though our site is no longer in service due to the girls out growing ~Hanging with Mom~ it is still indexed in geocities. I guess I still keep it up because I am very proud not only of the fun creative dolls we made but the fact at such an early age my girls we contacted by YM magazine. Yes, they had a small article about their trash to treasure dolls. It was quite an honor for them. 

Midwest Doll Adoption ~ Non Working Site~ Though you are certainly welcome to grab the concept and start your own creative business selling “Trash to Treasure Dolls”

Not only did this promote that their time and effort was worth praising, it also gave me the reasons to keep crafting. And crafting with children. I love creativity and children are very reseptive to discovering their passions. Of course they change as they grow but also they grow with change. A full circle that can lead their lives to pursue a ~craft~ to be proud of!

~Get Your Child Interested In Art~

Creativity through the eyes of a child, what a awesome thing to watch!

More craft projects coming soon!!


Article: “Discovering Your Voice & Fear Of Rejection”

Discovering Your Voice

When I was a little girl, I believed I could do anything. I knew one day I would become a famous singer, my teacher encouraged me to sing and sing often.

” I believed”

When I was 10 years old my dreams slightly changed. I believe I could become a really nice teacher. With the encouragement from my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Finch, I took over creating class assignments. I was given carbon paper and a list of thoughts to make a worksheet.
Boy, what wonderful memories I still carry.

Then my father died, I believe I could become a mortician. I had a need to feel remembrance.
I wanted to feel connected to what I had lost, so I guess this was just a natural belief I held on to.

I gave my beliefs a lot of thought throughout my teen years.
I believed I could help others who needed to feel alive.
Suffering was something I could relate to. To teenagers everything seems unfair and unjust.
I believed I could help. My beliefs have never wandered too far from my life.
Like any normal teen, I also believed I was invinsible. I could do anything I wanted and I would be safe. I could treat those I did not like by ignoring them.
I could party with the older teens and still play school with the grade school kids.

” I believed ”

As a young adult,” I believed” turned into I believe, but keep it to yourself.
I believed it would be better to hide behind my words then to become the subject of laughter. Rejection can capture you at any age but the young adult years seem to take a strong hold on ones beliefs.

I never did become a singer.
I never became teacher.
I never became a mortician.
What I became was a product of societies fears.

I became a hidden voice.

In my twenties I became a mother. I believe I would be the best mother in the world.
I would bring my past into my future.
I would encourage my children to sing and sing often.
I would teach my children how to read and love helping others.
I would teach them about death and celebration.

” I believed ”

I would have the life I dreamed of!
The first few years of motherhood was rough, but mostly because of the times we lived in. Money was never talked about it our home as a teen, so the real world soon opened up for me.
I believed I had enough smarts to handle any situation.

” I believed ”

Then the walls came crashing down.
It seems my husband had other beliefs and I was not to be part of them.
My beliefs grabbed hold of past, and my fear of rejection opened up it’s loving arms and took me aside and said ” Hold on to pity, I am here ”
I believed those thoughts and you bet I held on to them for many years to come.

I believed, but this time my beliefs lead me down the wrong path.
” I believe” rejection was meant to be. I believed my pain was caused by my own hands.
I believed that the world was unkind.
And lastly, I believed that hard work had no real pay offs for the poor..

Now in my late 30’s I believe I was so wrong.
Rejection turned out to be a part of a chapter that made me stronger. I was not going to sit back and throw my life into the wind and just let if fall when the wind stopped.

” I believed”

I found my voice!
Tap into your past to discover your future.

As a child ” I believed” my past was not just lost hours, days, weeks, or years. The past is our fingerprint to our beliefs. Believe in what your spirit speaks to you.
Fear of rejection is just not knowing your “Self”
Discover your future by preserving your past.
Live your life and those you touch will become part of the circle.
A circle never looses shape, it only shrinks and expands.
In life your circle of creation is the voice of your past and the open arms of your future.
Discover your voice and rejection will only feel like a small pin prick on your skin.
Society can not reject you, it is the “Self” that does the most harm.

“I believe” because I am a voice and I am a grand creation. I believe in you too.
Discover your voice and live the life you once imagined as a child.

Your probably wondering how this article fits into an arts and crafts venue. It is quite simple. Many of us fear rejection in selling our work. We fear sounding ignorant in business. Discovering  your voice unlocks the dam to be flooded with new thoughts and creative rivers of direction.

Footnote: If you love to write, we’d love to read your work. Writing in itself is a form of art! Turn your writing into a profitable craft. Self discovery is worth a thousand words, and your words may help someone in need!

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Article: “Taking Pleasure To A Realistic Level”

Taking Pleasure To A Realistic Level

A handful of round clear glass beads give me pleasure that is almost childlike.
A cupful of tortilla soup hightens my sense for warm and cozy reading by a fire.
A small used dryer sheet that has fallen unto the floor is now a future piece of art that will ensure pleasure to those who see it. Creating things of pleasure is as easy as creating a new look from within a mirror. What you see is also what you become.
If you begin your journey into anything new, you must begin it with a purpose. Passion is creativity in the form of what you are doing. If one is a passionate reader then they will be creative and thirst for more reading pleasure.
One who reads is also one who relates to knowledge whether it being a romantic novel or a search for “The Lost Hidden Treasurer”
Passion is pleasure..pleasure is passionate ..but there comes a time when one must consider what is a realistic way of keeping your passionate and pleasurable dreams alive.

“Taking pleasure to a realistic level and surviving your goals”

Like a child, playing with round shiney objects brings a sense of curiosity. How are they made, how did the glass get a hole in it..How do I use this to make something pretty.
A cozy fire is the perfect way to read and feel enticed by the finer things in life, but the fire must be stoked and you must eat your soup before it gets cold.
What comes first the pleasure or the finer things? Imagination is the source for your fuel to continue to live for the finer things. What is it that many people fall short of when trying to achieve their grand goal?
The Realistic Level of learning that it takes to get you there..

If you want to feel alive and passionate about beading, then learn from others who are passionate and have more experience in what you want to create. Often we become closed off when we find a passionate creative way to live freely.

Beading is so creative. You can become part of your work. You know what bead is best placed where and why it will work. You become defensive when someone does not see you vision, but realistically you often loose it yourself. The art of beading is having those who see it..”Feel the emotions of the piece” If you loose the focus of why you are passionate about your desires and just want to sell, then selling soon looses it’s appeal.
No one wants to buy from someone who is just out for a buck. This applies equally to those who love to read and read often.
If you are a reader and want to tell others about what you have read or have been taught then teach it in realistic way. No one wants to hear about a story when the story becomes one sided. It takes away from the passion of their own discovery.
Be realistic when you approach your words. A great book is great and should bring a sense of pleasurable knowledge for others. In business or just for fun, listen as much as you read.
Dont sell a story based solely on your thoughts, sell the story/book based on insights.
Let others gather your passion so they will want to purchase the book.
Half the time I have no idea what I am writing. It takes me a few times to read and then re-read before I know if something should be changed or eliminated. I am realistic, but I am also very passionate about helping others. The realistic part is if I confuse or make another feel they have no options then I loose their interest. I then only have a piece of the pie.
To bring yourself into the realm of realistic creativity you must first find your source for the pleasure. In business, especially home based businesses: many jump from one idea to the next when they do not see quick payoffs. Becoming a business takes real goals… Realdrive… Real dedication… Real work.. and real time.
If you have not set yourself a realistic basis for growth then you are sure to stumble and that is the realistic truth and it is not very pleasurable!
To end my thoughts, listen to those who have walked the path before.
Take advise even if you dont want to hear it.
Gather all the stones that are placed in your path and look at them.
You never know, one might be a genuine diamond in disguise.

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Article: “Paying The Price”

Paying The Price

Coming into the world of business is simply not that simple.
Most are just uniformed that starting a business takes more than desire.
Desire of course is a good stepping stone into your business dream, but it is essential to start from the beginning so you will follow through to the end.
Any business online or off-line takes dedication towards your goals.
You can not start a business on products alone.

Professional Crafters will give you honest insights because they have been there and truly want to build a profitable lifestyle.
Seasoned artisans have built & re-built their presence both in direct public venues and online venues. What makes a crafter a true professional? They are informed and know that to make money, they must purchase wisely. Most importantly they must invest in their business.
There are “No Free Rides”
Business is about making money.

How does one start making a business profitable is a long journey.
This does not only apply to artisans. It applies to all home based businesses. integrity are the key to success.
If you have a wonderful product but no one see’s it, then it is just product.

If your family and friends tell you to sell what you make, first see if they themselves are willing to purchase. { The “Free Ride”is over }

Don’t just talk about your work, wear it!

If you are a shy or sit at home person, then how will the public see what products/services you offer? If you want to take your business into the profit zone> you do not have to do it all alone.


Online there are thousands of groups of every interest. Join a handful to learn, and dont feel  that you are unworthy of help. Ignorance is not knowing, and a good community will lead, encourage and provide you substance for your business education.

*Note- Stay away from communities that do nothing but advertise to each other.
You will get very little rewards from them.

If you are a writer, join a writing community. Not a network community.
If you are a rubberstamper..join the same with passion interest and learn what works and
what doesn’t.


Online resources are great and can be found in every corner of your thoughts.
To build trust you must learn to trust yourself. Trust your gut instints. Listen to your inner voice and believe in your abilities to grow and prosper.
Again, find a community you can build a trusting and meaningful relationship with.

* Note- A good community is one that inspires, educates, and offers constructive criticism.

Do not fall away from your beginnings if someone else’s opinion is not what you want to hear. Instead write it down and set it aside for a day or two. It is important to refresh your thoughts and a clearer picture will be right in front of you.


If you have none, believe me, itt will be the death of your business before it starts!
Stand behind your beliefs. Write your belief system down on paper. Moral and ethical foundations will take your the farthest in life. We have all seen it somewhere or someplace in our life when the integrity of a business goes a little south. Restaurants in my eyes tend to do this often.
Business integrity should never leave the realm of a consumer’s comfort zone.
Without your customer’s you have no business.

Community,trust, and integrity are essential in any business online or off.
Each is connected and the circle should never be broken.

Are you ready to pay the price for your business goals?

I have been sitting back and reading posts from hundreds if not thousands of home based business owner’s online. Many want free..Many say free..and almost always you will find they are not making money.
Do you go to a store and ask for free merchandise?
Do you expect your children to walk around and only look for the word free?
No you dont, so why in the world would someone think they are going to get their business products or services for free.

We live in the 21st Century. Businesses come and go, so dont get yours off to the wrong start.
All businesses have expenses PERIOD!
We pay shipping charges, wholesale is the price of the product/service. Shipping is totally different area. We all pay shipping charges and it is not going to go away..EVER!

Some companies say ” Free Shipping ” but you are not ignorant..the shipping is figured into their white prices. If you come across a company that offers free shipping remember “Nothing is FREE”
A true business is there to make a profit, and consumers who want quality products know this is just how it is.

Paying the Price:

Research before you leap. Good things to consider is estimated time of arrival of the product. Quality of the product.
Reliability of the product..
Demand of the product and lastly, does your business need this product right now.

Paying the price to be a self employed business person takes more than just monetary funds.

Are you willing to pay the price for your education?
Even free resources cost you “Time” to research them.
Your home life now becomes your business life. Your business life is intermingled with your home life. Your family must learn to adjust to new waves of excitement and also disappointment. You yourself must come to know that failing one way is another door open for success the other way.
If you are not willing to pay the price for your business then you should reconsider and research before you leap.
I am thrilled I am paying the price. I have hit brick wall after brick wall. I have been told by family and friends that I am wasting my time, but the price I am willing to pay is I have belief in myself. I am not a failure, I fail to achieve when I loose my sense of community, and trust in my core beliefs.
Your business is your business,build it with insights to who you are and where you want to be.
Are you willing to pay the price?

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WAHMS Who Sell~Introduce Yourself~

Hi, if you are a work at home mom who sells products that are non craft please introduce yourself here. We welcome a brief description of the products and company your are representing. Don’t forget to add your business URL at the end of your bio.


WAHM~Lorraine Miller.

Owner of Beadz Plus More ~Lorraine Miller

With over 5 years of internet experience & sales we offer wholesale specialty lots open to the public. Products for starting a home business. Great for retailer’s, flea market vendors and those wanting to start selling from home. The perfect solution to starting a home business on a shoe string budget.

Beadz Plus More {Parent Company} has recently branched off into offering designer ready made women’s fashion lots.

~Label~ Savanna Blue {The JEM Collection}

and Lil Gypsy Boutique~ {Lil Jem Collection}

Stop on by, we are a family owned business.

Dropship & wholesale available.

Beadz Plus More~Wholesale Specialty Lots~ 


~Meet Our Directory Partners~

Lets Build a awesome arts & crafts directory for 2007!

For less than .15 cents a day you can showcase your products here..

~ A Partnership Worth Joining~

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Lil Gypsy Boutique

Savanna Blue Designs

Doodle Egg Ornaments

Full Circle Herbs

Jewelry Just For Her

~Adding Sale Options To Your Business~

~Adding Sales Options To Your Business~ With 2006 sales quickly approaching another years cycle, it’s a great time to start planning ahead.  Being known as the crazy crafter, I am always two stops ahead of myself. Not always ahead of the game, but none the less two steps ahead.

To get the most from my hard work I try earnstly to begin pulling the years records.  It is not as bad as it sounds if you keep up to date records & record your exspense’s and profits monthly.  Now, I am sure most of you have spent your free time researching trends & marketing techniques right?

Ok, I may be pushing it a little but now is the time to begin your campaign for 2007. By mid December you should have a rounded estimate of the years accomplishments. Some will have defeats, non the less the sales season for 2006 is over.  Right?

Wrong, I do not know any crafter who doesn’t have excess stock. By mid December you can gain even more sales by focusing on ~After Christmas Sales~ Who doesn’t love a good bargin? This is one area crafter’s seem to miss. Many crafter’s put their excess back into the closet for the next season. That is Ok for hobby crafter’s who are new to the business. Their customer base is usually smaller and geared towards local sales . But for the seasoned crafter it is so important to update your work yearly. How many craft shows in your surronding area have you seen the same work,style and price show after show? I know I’ve seen  crafter’s make this mistake time after time. If you are at a show and the crafter you purchased a snowman from the year before is offering the same snowmen, the crafter just lost a repeat sale. You are going to look for a booth that offers snowmen that are different so you can add to your collection. Crafters really need to understand that consumers shop to add to something or have taken away something and get new. If a crafter can not change even the smallest detail then they are heading towards a small scale profit margin. Too many mistakes year after year end up with no customer base at all. ~I know, I’ve been there~

With each new year, brings a wide scope of exciting new colors, shapes, designs & prices. Colors can be easily chosen by paying attention to larger corperate holdings. Wal-Mart by December is already putting together color combinations is the bedding & bath departments.  Visit the paint section, you will see new color combinations already in place. To end the year out wisely, you must plan ahead for the new year by doing research. Heck,  window shopping is fun, so make it your yearly goal to make profits in 2007.

More on color trends here…

~Choosing Your Craft & Marketing It Full Circle~

So, you’re a creative like minded individual, whats your next step?

Do you..

   Turn your passion into profits

Or you..

   Discover the joy of learning how to profit from  your passions..

Those who instictfully jump to profit are only hearing ~Money~  the road to success will be a long journey!

 Being passionate about creating is only a small step towards success..

Are you are crafter with distint styles in design?

Do you reminse the old days where color played a role in dealing with emotions..

Do you use your passion to create a dominant feeling that enhanses all senses..

You are a crafter on a journey to great rewards!

I’m a crazy crafter..

I can make many creative treasures, but not all are money magnets!! Through the years of discovery and loads of money spent I have finally figured out my style is geared towards children. I have sold plenty to adults but they purchased them for their kids.  It did not quite hit me until I started researching how to market your business..

Had I spent more time embracing the craft and not jumping from one neat thing to another  I very well could have been an amazing designer! So take it from me,

Discover your passion~ Craft~

Research your market~ Who and What is your Craft is supposed to accomplish~

Embrace the feelings of your style~Design~

This will bring your project to life!!

The Creative Circle is a guide to help you put your craft into the correct marketing circle.

Using our creative circle is a simple guide to fullfilling your quest for marketing.

There are four major factors in making and selling your crafts.

Age,Color, Gender and Shape

Who are you making your craft for? What ages does your craft appeal too?

Children love color and shapes ~ Its part of their imagination growth process~

Men too love shapes but colors play less of a role in touching their senses~Skill and level of process hits them quickly~ guys love to figure things out.

Women love color more than shapes but are drawn to trends, so shapes do play a role. Either way, ~Emotions~ do make a sale.

When you design it is important to know who you are designing for. Use the circle to adjust your thoughts and let the color and shape reflect the gender and age of whom your creating for. All this will lead to adjusting your target market awareness.

Design your craft or fine tune your work by following the leads within your circle.

Who are you selling to: Location~geographics~

What seasons are best suited for sales~Holiday,Spring,Fall,  or alll the of them~

What are the current trends on the market now~Colors, Size, and shape~ plus what is selling  in your location.

Cultural Design~ Every design has a base reference~ try researching the history of your craft. You will discover so much and this will help you build or take away elements that do or do not enhance your creation.

The creative circle can work if you work at it..

Until next time..

~Stay Creative~ Live A Colorful Life~