~Adding Sale Options To Your Business~

~Adding Sales Options To Your Business~ With 2006 sales quickly approaching another years cycle, it’s a great time to start planning ahead.  Being known as the crazy crafter, I am always two stops ahead of myself. Not always ahead of the game, but none the less two steps ahead.

To get the most from my hard work I try earnstly to begin pulling the years records.  It is not as bad as it sounds if you keep up to date records & record your exspense’s and profits monthly.  Now, I am sure most of you have spent your free time researching trends & marketing techniques right?

Ok, I may be pushing it a little but now is the time to begin your campaign for 2007. By mid December you should have a rounded estimate of the years accomplishments. Some will have defeats, non the less the sales season for 2006 is over.  Right?

Wrong, I do not know any crafter who doesn’t have excess stock. By mid December you can gain even more sales by focusing on ~After Christmas Sales~ Who doesn’t love a good bargin? This is one area crafter’s seem to miss. Many crafter’s put their excess back into the closet for the next season. That is Ok for hobby crafter’s who are new to the business. Their customer base is usually smaller and geared towards local sales . But for the seasoned crafter it is so important to update your work yearly. How many craft shows in your surronding area have you seen the same work,style and price show after show? I know I’ve seen  crafter’s make this mistake time after time. If you are at a show and the crafter you purchased a snowman from the year before is offering the same snowmen, the crafter just lost a repeat sale. You are going to look for a booth that offers snowmen that are different so you can add to your collection. Crafters really need to understand that consumers shop to add to something or have taken away something and get new. If a crafter can not change even the smallest detail then they are heading towards a small scale profit margin. Too many mistakes year after year end up with no customer base at all. ~I know, I’ve been there~

With each new year, brings a wide scope of exciting new colors, shapes, designs & prices. Colors can be easily chosen by paying attention to larger corperate holdings. Wal-Mart by December is already putting together color combinations is the bedding & bath departments.  Visit the paint section, you will see new color combinations already in place. To end the year out wisely, you must plan ahead for the new year by doing research. Heck,  window shopping is fun, so make it your yearly goal to make profits in 2007.

More on color trends here…

~Choosing Your Craft & Marketing It Full Circle~

So, you’re a creative like minded individual, whats your next step?

Do you..

   Turn your passion into profits

Or you..

   Discover the joy of learning how to profit from  your passions..

Those who instictfully jump to profit are only hearing ~Money~  the road to success will be a long journey!

 Being passionate about creating is only a small step towards success..

Are you are crafter with distint styles in design?

Do you reminse the old days where color played a role in dealing with emotions..

Do you use your passion to create a dominant feeling that enhanses all senses..

You are a crafter on a journey to great rewards!

I’m a crazy crafter..

I can make many creative treasures, but not all are money magnets!! Through the years of discovery and loads of money spent I have finally figured out my style is geared towards children. I have sold plenty to adults but they purchased them for their kids.  It did not quite hit me until I started researching how to market your business..

Had I spent more time embracing the craft and not jumping from one neat thing to another  I very well could have been an amazing designer! So take it from me,

Discover your passion~ Craft~

Research your market~ Who and What is your Craft is supposed to accomplish~

Embrace the feelings of your style~Design~

This will bring your project to life!!

The Creative Circle is a guide to help you put your craft into the correct marketing circle.

Using our creative circle is a simple guide to fullfilling your quest for marketing.

There are four major factors in making and selling your crafts.

Age,Color, Gender and Shape

Who are you making your craft for? What ages does your craft appeal too?

Children love color and shapes ~ Its part of their imagination growth process~

Men too love shapes but colors play less of a role in touching their senses~Skill and level of process hits them quickly~ guys love to figure things out.

Women love color more than shapes but are drawn to trends, so shapes do play a role. Either way, ~Emotions~ do make a sale.

When you design it is important to know who you are designing for. Use the circle to adjust your thoughts and let the color and shape reflect the gender and age of whom your creating for. All this will lead to adjusting your target market awareness.

Design your craft or fine tune your work by following the leads within your circle.

Who are you selling to: Location~geographics~

What seasons are best suited for sales~Holiday,Spring,Fall,  or alll the of them~

What are the current trends on the market now~Colors, Size, and shape~ plus what is selling  in your location.

Cultural Design~ Every design has a base reference~ try researching the history of your craft. You will discover so much and this will help you build or take away elements that do or do not enhance your creation.

The creative circle can work if you work at it..

Until next time..

~Stay Creative~ Live A Colorful Life~


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