WAHMS Who Sell~Introduce Yourself~

Hi, if you are a work at home mom who sells products that are non craft please introduce yourself here. We welcome a brief description of the products and company your are representing. Don’t forget to add your business URL at the end of your bio.


WAHM~Lorraine Miller.

Owner of Beadz Plus More ~Lorraine Miller

With over 5 years of internet experience & sales we offer wholesale specialty lots open to the public. Products for starting a home business. Great for retailer’s, flea market vendors and those wanting to start selling from home. The perfect solution to starting a home business on a shoe string budget.

Beadz Plus More {Parent Company} has recently branched off into offering designer ready made women’s fashion lots.

~Label~ Savanna Blue {The JEM Collection}

and Lil Gypsy Boutique~ {Lil Jem Collection}

Stop on by, we are a family owned business.

Dropship & wholesale available.

Beadz Plus More~Wholesale Specialty Lots~ 



One Response

  1. Owner of Angel On My Shoulder Coloring & Activity Pages for Children – Cynthia G. Boyer

    We have been creating and designing Angel on my Shoulder Coloring and Activity Pages/Books for Children a little over 2 years.

    Angel on my Shoulder Coloring and Activity Pages contain ultra power learning tools complete with enjoyable and fun-filled activities that are sure to enrich, enlighten and challenge children in different subjects as they pertain to life and school, thereby helping them to build a sound foundation. A sound foundation helps children to develop and build greater self-confidence.

    Angel on my Shoulder Coloring and Activity Pages are designed to help children to discover and demonstrate their special talents, gifts and abilities.

    Angel on my Shoulder Coloring and Activity Pages lets children explore fun-filled activities in a brand new light. Each page is packed with fun, love, joy and excitement. Angel on my Shoulder knows what children like and what parents want for their children which is joyous and wholesome activities that are fun, insightful and educational. Angel on my Shoulder creates and delivers all these elements through one-of-a-kind coloring and activity pages.

    In addition to our coloring pages, we also create and design one-of-a-kind peresonalized certficiates for all occasions.

    Our Angel on my Shoulder kits are the answer for stay-at-home moms who want a real and lucrative business they can call their own!

    Please visit our site to see the uniqueness in our designs!


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