Article: “Discovering Your Voice & Fear Of Rejection”

Discovering Your Voice

When I was a little girl, I believed I could do anything. I knew one day I would become a famous singer, my teacher encouraged me to sing and sing often.

” I believed”

When I was 10 years old my dreams slightly changed. I believe I could become a really nice teacher. With the encouragement from my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Finch, I took over creating class assignments. I was given carbon paper and a list of thoughts to make a worksheet.
Boy, what wonderful memories I still carry.

Then my father died, I believe I could become a mortician. I had a need to feel remembrance.
I wanted to feel connected to what I had lost, so I guess this was just a natural belief I held on to.

I gave my beliefs a lot of thought throughout my teen years.
I believed I could help others who needed to feel alive.
Suffering was something I could relate to. To teenagers everything seems unfair and unjust.
I believed I could help. My beliefs have never wandered too far from my life.
Like any normal teen, I also believed I was invinsible. I could do anything I wanted and I would be safe. I could treat those I did not like by ignoring them.
I could party with the older teens and still play school with the grade school kids.

” I believed ”

As a young adult,” I believed” turned into I believe, but keep it to yourself.
I believed it would be better to hide behind my words then to become the subject of laughter. Rejection can capture you at any age but the young adult years seem to take a strong hold on ones beliefs.

I never did become a singer.
I never became teacher.
I never became a mortician.
What I became was a product of societies fears.

I became a hidden voice.

In my twenties I became a mother. I believe I would be the best mother in the world.
I would bring my past into my future.
I would encourage my children to sing and sing often.
I would teach my children how to read and love helping others.
I would teach them about death and celebration.

” I believed ”

I would have the life I dreamed of!
The first few years of motherhood was rough, but mostly because of the times we lived in. Money was never talked about it our home as a teen, so the real world soon opened up for me.
I believed I had enough smarts to handle any situation.

” I believed ”

Then the walls came crashing down.
It seems my husband had other beliefs and I was not to be part of them.
My beliefs grabbed hold of past, and my fear of rejection opened up it’s loving arms and took me aside and said ” Hold on to pity, I am here ”
I believed those thoughts and you bet I held on to them for many years to come.

I believed, but this time my beliefs lead me down the wrong path.
” I believe” rejection was meant to be. I believed my pain was caused by my own hands.
I believed that the world was unkind.
And lastly, I believed that hard work had no real pay offs for the poor..

Now in my late 30’s I believe I was so wrong.
Rejection turned out to be a part of a chapter that made me stronger. I was not going to sit back and throw my life into the wind and just let if fall when the wind stopped.

” I believed”

I found my voice!
Tap into your past to discover your future.

As a child ” I believed” my past was not just lost hours, days, weeks, or years. The past is our fingerprint to our beliefs. Believe in what your spirit speaks to you.
Fear of rejection is just not knowing your “Self”
Discover your future by preserving your past.
Live your life and those you touch will become part of the circle.
A circle never looses shape, it only shrinks and expands.
In life your circle of creation is the voice of your past and the open arms of your future.
Discover your voice and rejection will only feel like a small pin prick on your skin.
Society can not reject you, it is the “Self” that does the most harm.

“I believe” because I am a voice and I am a grand creation. I believe in you too.
Discover your voice and live the life you once imagined as a child.

Your probably wondering how this article fits into an arts and crafts venue. It is quite simple. Many of us fear rejection in selling our work. We fear sounding ignorant in business. Discovering  your voice unlocks the dam to be flooded with new thoughts and creative rivers of direction.

Footnote: If you love to write, we’d love to read your work. Writing in itself is a form of art! Turn your writing into a profitable craft. Self discovery is worth a thousand words, and your words may help someone in need!

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