Article: “Paying The Price”

Paying The Price

Coming into the world of business is simply not that simple.
Most are just uniformed that starting a business takes more than desire.
Desire of course is a good stepping stone into your business dream, but it is essential to start from the beginning so you will follow through to the end.
Any business online or off-line takes dedication towards your goals.
You can not start a business on products alone.

Professional Crafters will give you honest insights because they have been there and truly want to build a profitable lifestyle.
Seasoned artisans have built & re-built their presence both in direct public venues and online venues. What makes a crafter a true professional? They are informed and know that to make money, they must purchase wisely. Most importantly they must invest in their business.
There are “No Free Rides”
Business is about making money.

How does one start making a business profitable is a long journey.
This does not only apply to artisans. It applies to all home based businesses. integrity are the key to success.
If you have a wonderful product but no one see’s it, then it is just product.

If your family and friends tell you to sell what you make, first see if they themselves are willing to purchase. { The “Free Ride”is over }

Don’t just talk about your work, wear it!

If you are a shy or sit at home person, then how will the public see what products/services you offer? If you want to take your business into the profit zone> you do not have to do it all alone.


Online there are thousands of groups of every interest. Join a handful to learn, and dont feel  that you are unworthy of help. Ignorance is not knowing, and a good community will lead, encourage and provide you substance for your business education.

*Note- Stay away from communities that do nothing but advertise to each other.
You will get very little rewards from them.

If you are a writer, join a writing community. Not a network community.
If you are a rubberstamper..join the same with passion interest and learn what works and
what doesn’t.


Online resources are great and can be found in every corner of your thoughts.
To build trust you must learn to trust yourself. Trust your gut instints. Listen to your inner voice and believe in your abilities to grow and prosper.
Again, find a community you can build a trusting and meaningful relationship with.

* Note- A good community is one that inspires, educates, and offers constructive criticism.

Do not fall away from your beginnings if someone else’s opinion is not what you want to hear. Instead write it down and set it aside for a day or two. It is important to refresh your thoughts and a clearer picture will be right in front of you.


If you have none, believe me, itt will be the death of your business before it starts!
Stand behind your beliefs. Write your belief system down on paper. Moral and ethical foundations will take your the farthest in life. We have all seen it somewhere or someplace in our life when the integrity of a business goes a little south. Restaurants in my eyes tend to do this often.
Business integrity should never leave the realm of a consumer’s comfort zone.
Without your customer’s you have no business.

Community,trust, and integrity are essential in any business online or off.
Each is connected and the circle should never be broken.

Are you ready to pay the price for your business goals?

I have been sitting back and reading posts from hundreds if not thousands of home based business owner’s online. Many want free..Many say free..and almost always you will find they are not making money.
Do you go to a store and ask for free merchandise?
Do you expect your children to walk around and only look for the word free?
No you dont, so why in the world would someone think they are going to get their business products or services for free.

We live in the 21st Century. Businesses come and go, so dont get yours off to the wrong start.
All businesses have expenses PERIOD!
We pay shipping charges, wholesale is the price of the product/service. Shipping is totally different area. We all pay shipping charges and it is not going to go away..EVER!

Some companies say ” Free Shipping ” but you are not ignorant..the shipping is figured into their white prices. If you come across a company that offers free shipping remember “Nothing is FREE”
A true business is there to make a profit, and consumers who want quality products know this is just how it is.

Paying the Price:

Research before you leap. Good things to consider is estimated time of arrival of the product. Quality of the product.
Reliability of the product..
Demand of the product and lastly, does your business need this product right now.

Paying the price to be a self employed business person takes more than just monetary funds.

Are you willing to pay the price for your education?
Even free resources cost you “Time” to research them.
Your home life now becomes your business life. Your business life is intermingled with your home life. Your family must learn to adjust to new waves of excitement and also disappointment. You yourself must come to know that failing one way is another door open for success the other way.
If you are not willing to pay the price for your business then you should reconsider and research before you leap.
I am thrilled I am paying the price. I have hit brick wall after brick wall. I have been told by family and friends that I am wasting my time, but the price I am willing to pay is I have belief in myself. I am not a failure, I fail to achieve when I loose my sense of community, and trust in my core beliefs.
Your business is your business,build it with insights to who you are and where you want to be.
Are you willing to pay the price?

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