Article: “Taking Pleasure To A Realistic Level”

Taking Pleasure To A Realistic Level

A handful of round clear glass beads give me pleasure that is almost childlike.
A cupful of tortilla soup hightens my sense for warm and cozy reading by a fire.
A small used dryer sheet that has fallen unto the floor is now a future piece of art that will ensure pleasure to those who see it. Creating things of pleasure is as easy as creating a new look from within a mirror. What you see is also what you become.
If you begin your journey into anything new, you must begin it with a purpose. Passion is creativity in the form of what you are doing. If one is a passionate reader then they will be creative and thirst for more reading pleasure.
One who reads is also one who relates to knowledge whether it being a romantic novel or a search for “The Lost Hidden Treasurer”
Passion is pleasure..pleasure is passionate ..but there comes a time when one must consider what is a realistic way of keeping your passionate and pleasurable dreams alive.

“Taking pleasure to a realistic level and surviving your goals”

Like a child, playing with round shiney objects brings a sense of curiosity. How are they made, how did the glass get a hole in it..How do I use this to make something pretty.
A cozy fire is the perfect way to read and feel enticed by the finer things in life, but the fire must be stoked and you must eat your soup before it gets cold.
What comes first the pleasure or the finer things? Imagination is the source for your fuel to continue to live for the finer things. What is it that many people fall short of when trying to achieve their grand goal?
The Realistic Level of learning that it takes to get you there..

If you want to feel alive and passionate about beading, then learn from others who are passionate and have more experience in what you want to create. Often we become closed off when we find a passionate creative way to live freely.

Beading is so creative. You can become part of your work. You know what bead is best placed where and why it will work. You become defensive when someone does not see you vision, but realistically you often loose it yourself. The art of beading is having those who see it..”Feel the emotions of the piece” If you loose the focus of why you are passionate about your desires and just want to sell, then selling soon looses it’s appeal.
No one wants to buy from someone who is just out for a buck. This applies equally to those who love to read and read often.
If you are a reader and want to tell others about what you have read or have been taught then teach it in realistic way. No one wants to hear about a story when the story becomes one sided. It takes away from the passion of their own discovery.
Be realistic when you approach your words. A great book is great and should bring a sense of pleasurable knowledge for others. In business or just for fun, listen as much as you read.
Dont sell a story based solely on your thoughts, sell the story/book based on insights.
Let others gather your passion so they will want to purchase the book.
Half the time I have no idea what I am writing. It takes me a few times to read and then re-read before I know if something should be changed or eliminated. I am realistic, but I am also very passionate about helping others. The realistic part is if I confuse or make another feel they have no options then I loose their interest. I then only have a piece of the pie.
To bring yourself into the realm of realistic creativity you must first find your source for the pleasure. In business, especially home based businesses: many jump from one idea to the next when they do not see quick payoffs. Becoming a business takes real goals… Realdrive… Real dedication… Real work.. and real time.
If you have not set yourself a realistic basis for growth then you are sure to stumble and that is the realistic truth and it is not very pleasurable!
To end my thoughts, listen to those who have walked the path before.
Take advise even if you dont want to hear it.
Gather all the stones that are placed in your path and look at them.
You never know, one might be a genuine diamond in disguise.

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