Awesome Inexpensive Craft Idea’s

For over five years my daughter’s and I have been a bit crazy with our crafting efforts. Our love to create something out of nothing has been a site to see, if for no other reason than the bonding experience we have shared. Back in 2002 we started a fun website for our crazy crafts. Though our site is no longer in service due to the girls out growing ~Hanging with Mom~ it is still indexed in geocities. I guess I still keep it up because I am very proud not only of the fun creative dolls we made but the fact at such an early age my girls we contacted by YM magazine. Yes, they had a small article about their trash to treasure dolls. It was quite an honor for them. 

Midwest Doll Adoption ~ Non Working Site~ Though you are certainly welcome to grab the concept and start your own creative business selling “Trash to Treasure Dolls”

Not only did this promote that their time and effort was worth praising, it also gave me the reasons to keep crafting. And crafting with children. I love creativity and children are very reseptive to discovering their passions. Of course they change as they grow but also they grow with change. A full circle that can lead their lives to pursue a ~craft~ to be proud of!

~Get Your Child Interested In Art~

Creativity through the eyes of a child, what a awesome thing to watch!

More craft projects coming soon!!


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