Article: Building A Lifestyle Online

Creating Connections

What does it take to build your business identity online is a big question many of us have.
I have joined groups & forums to educate myself in the efforts to not do the wrong things.
If many of you are considering starting a home based business & wanting to jump head first with online marketing, I suggest you pay close attention to whom you are building your networking connections with.
Now don’t let this scare you: There are many wonderful business people out there.
I have found I do better with my educational efforts by connecting with men. I see everyday how many new or clearly not developed business  women say”For Women Only” in their forums.
What a shame that we feel we can not learn valuable lesson’s from our opposites.
Of course like everything I do in life, I do see the flip side of the coin.
We often feel that another women will be more compassionate about our goals and dreams.
We normally can share more of our insights to why we are wanting this new direction without getting ” I told you so” from our counter parts.
Men’s natural instincts are to fix and support the opposite sex, and we often do not need the “fix it” dealt with. We do however need support whether it comes from a man or woman. I myself am having the time of my life buildng new relationships with both genders in business. I have equally learned from both & have found there are some areas only a woman is better equipped to deal with.  But again, on the flip side I also see that bridging the gender gap in business is very rewwarding towards my goals.
I do think whenever possible take a step or two to meeting more businessmens. Men are consumers’ also. More men are playing a vital role in our house keeping and child raring duties more than ever. I see more men walking their children, sharing car pool duties & YES, even grocery shopping!!
WOW, wish that had been my husband 15 years ago.
If you are truly wanting to build a lifestyle online do not exclude all the available resources, men are good resources too.
They are not the 100% final educational tool, but heck use them while you can.{LOL}
Build your online business one brick at a time.
Generate leads by listening to all those you meet.
Gather your resources and compile what is needed and what can be added later.
Build your online lifestle by not disregarding unsolicted advice.
Everything you can do during your building stage is a tool for your success!!

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