Article: Achieving Your Goals

~A Dream Or Reality~
Everyone has a dream lifestyle. Many just call it a dream.
Others work their whole life to twist their dreams into reality.

What is your dream: and how are your going to achieve it?

Lets take a step back in time and begin a journey of self awareness.
When you were small you must have had a creative outlet.
I know I did, I loved to sing. I would sing everywhere I went. I loved music.
I loved the feeling of freedom I gathered from my words. My past could have been my future but.. I twisted my reality into what someone else said was best.
As I grew into a adult I gave up my dream but replaced it with a new one. I chose to become a mother and raise my children. This was one reality that could not be taken away.
Wrong!! I became a young divorced mother at the early age of 22. Another reality shattered due to some else.
Well, I am now in my thiry something years and I am  no longer allowing any influences to change my dream.
This time around I can succeed because I choose to be the best I  can be.
I choose to reach my goals one day at a time.

Are your goals unreachable in your thoughts?

If you can not perceive it then most likey that is the direction you are really wanting to go.
Many of us start out doing something that someone else encourages us to do. Before long we are heading into their reality. We all know that it is short lived when true passion is not there.
To achieve your goals you must believe in yourself.
To believe in yourself you must allow yourself to fall short of your gals without giving up completely.
Lick your wounds and move on.
You will travel many roads to find your path.
You will have to move large stones & cut some branches throughout your journey, but it is never hopeless. Each branch, each stone, and every new path you find will give you great tools for achieving your goals. Leave no stone unturned and cherish your journey to becoming the best you are meant to be.

Live your dream, don’t just dream it!!

Find a creative passion through art & crafts. It may not become your money maker but it will open a new world of creativity. And that is how to live a colorful life. Become whom you are meant to be!!

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