Article: Standing Outside The Box

Standing Outside The Box

What is it that makes you different.

Is it the way you treat your customer’s.

Do you give a little extra to make their stay one more place like home. Do your customer’s feel they can come to visit and feel welcome and really sit back and have a cup of coffee. Do your visitor’s want to read what you have to say? What is it that makes your business stand out among your competitor’s?

Hey, I am going to share something with you. I am just like many of the thousands who are trying to stand outside the box. When first started online networking and sales I was afraid of making myself sound like an idiot. Guess what, no matter what I tried I was going to be ignorant on one or more subjects. There was nothing I could do to get away from that but to keep learning so my ignorance could become my opinion on a subject. You can only be ignorant for so long. Once you know how and where to look for the answer’s to your questions, then ignorance cant be the blame for lack of information. Remember knowledge is power.

Power is being able to make decisions based on what you need and how you need to get it. Good decision making often means standing outside the box.

What is your business needs?

Customer base, product/inventory,direction,more hits, or just plain old satisfaction your time is being used wisely and effectively.

I know for myself I had to throw all these and more into my big business crockpot.

I needed to let my thoughts simmer slowly so my recipe could become more tasty. I need reliability in order for my business to grow. At first I thought I needed to have business associates to become more reliable. That did not work online. So when that did not work, I threw another ingredient into the crockpot.

I’d give more…

Soon the pot got too full, and everything blended together.

The stew did not taste so wonderful. I threw that pot out quickly because the taste was soon spoiling my senses of a wonderful meal.

Next I started over, I took the main ingredients and turned them on simmer once again. I added a dash of hope, a teaspoon of faith, and a whole leaf of integrity. My stew was soon smelling quite enticing.

See my original ingredients were, the broth { Me} Products/inventory { Free Resources} Direction { 5 year plan } and new ingredient that would compliment the taste buds { Passion for creating my lifestyle }

I want to help others, but that could not be the ingredient I could use.

I had to think re-mix the batch to come up with a better recipe. The best tasting crock pot stew is one that compliments the side dishes. You are the side dishes.

Your recipe is your own creation. If you choose to add to a tasty stew then “You” must pull the ingredients together.

You must read the recipe offered and create a stew for yourself.

Thinking outside the box for me is looking through the window to you. I see many of you struggling but my own recipe has failed many times until I got it right, and I could only get it right by re-working the ingredients.

You must become a handmade tasty broth first.

Your products must be fresh and affordable to purchase. Your main ingredient must have meaning for both business & family, and last but not least your stew base must be appealing to your sense of taste.

If you are not willing to keep tasting your own recipe then you can not offer it to your family and friends as the main meal.

What I am trying to say is, I am giving you some ingredients to use as trial & errors. My recipe is my own creation. You are welcome to taste it and modify it as needed, but only you can do it. I am not near your kitchen. This creation is one 100% your work. If it fails to taste wonderful then think outside the box and re-mix, re-bake or start another batch with the same base ingredients for a full body taste.

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2 Responses

  1. I tried adding some of these to mine and it wasnt the greatest. I will try again!

  2. I simply wont cook one more meal until my kids visit. I have tried these nice things but in the time it takes me i would rather have some family over to enjoy it with now. I am getting older and the time it takes me to prepare I dont like eating by myself

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