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Recently I listed an article about the new way  crafters are working from home. is a huge market place for all things handcrafted. Boy can I tell you I am already hooked on the magic of their layout.  In the previous article it stated Esty’s fee’s were .10 per listing and a 3% final selling fee. Now since I have joined this past month the fee’s did go up to .20 cents and the final selling fee’s are 3.5% . This is not bad at all and the listing time went from 6 months to 4 months but again still a great assest to those who are creative seller’s!!

I do believe I joined in early January and have not been lucky in selling anything but certainly with all business venues it does take an amount of time to market yourself. I am not too worried.. I have however become addictive to buying already. Boy I have found some great treasures for so very little money. Wonderful transactions and communications are gathered here at Etsy!

Things I have learned in a short period of time:

Listings that have PIF in the title mean Pay it forward.

What this means is the seller lists an item and it costs you only the .20 it cost them to list through Etsy. Pay it forward {PIF’s} are a nice way to give something back to buyer’s and in return the buyer must list something in their site/store as a PIF.

Etsy offers showcase opportunities for your storefront. A cost of $7 but cant remember how long your listing is for, if I remember is stays up until the first thing in your category listing sells but if you want to make sure this is correct you will have to sign up for an Etsy shop to get accurate facts.

One member on Etsy started a Yahoo group for Etsy beginners, joined last night since I am a newbie. This is a excellent and again must thank the group owner for her kindness. Etsy Newbie group was formed for those of us who are just getting started and have no hearts in our ~Who hearts Your Shop~ This really is a great way and so far since joining last night I now have 10 hearts..Yeah but more importantly it goes to show you that combined efforts of Etsy are more of a large family of creative minds. There so far does not seem to be any competition just admiration for all the handmade gifts. Wow, you dont have to be a seller, just hop on over to and sign up to purchase. It’s free and you will be so thrilled you did. There really is something for everyone’s taste. And it could take you months to years to look through all the handcrafted gifts.  Got to give Etsy and A+++++ even if I never sell a


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  1. Hello, I am the creator of Etsy Newbies, a group of new members of Etsy, an online craft mall where everything is hand made. We’ve come together to make the public aware of the wonderful new shops opening at Etsy because sometimes newbies need a little help getting their shops off the ground.

    Etsy newbies has grown very quickly. 130 members last time I looked. We now have a Yahoo group, a blog and a website where photos of our original hand made items can be seen. If you are shopping for something special and hand made, why not help a newbie while you’re at it? Here are the links.

  2. This is an update on the Etsy Newbies Yahoo group. Last time I reported the links to our website and blog. Now we have a Google page as well. The Google page features different shops than are shown on the website and blog so between the 3 sites, all of our members are represented. Every one of them. If you visited the website and blog, you’ve seen only some of our members photos there. Now you can see the rest. The Google page is at:

    Thanks for looking and supporting our Etsy Newbies.


  3. This sounds like an awesome opportunity for those crafters at home who need a pull in the right direction as far as being able to present their wares.

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