When Contacting Wholesale Distributors

Rules of Thumb For Contacting a Wholesaler

1. Have your business information prepared before you submit you request for more information.

2. Have a valid business number. Many wholesalers will not do business with a Internet based  business if you are not registered business. Business resources are included in our print Wholesale/Dropship Directory.

3. If you have a question about the company make it simple and to the point. A real wholesale  supplier does not have time to jump through hoops trying to figure out what you are asking for.

4.If you do have questions pertaining to a policy make sure you do your homework first.

  a. Look at the customer service page.
  b. Jot down notes so you can go back and use the KISS method of        inquiry. Keep It Simple Stupid
    (Hey, I did not create that line..lol )

  c. Do not argue with their shipping policy. This I have heard so many times from home based businesses saying they are writing the company to complain about the cost of shipping.    Bad move on your part. You are a small seedling, they don’t need your business.
Most     legitimate wholesalers are in business for a reason.
They have product, demand and customers base.

5. Build a relationship with your wholesaler. Do not try to play big business if you are a small    business. Everyone knows how to read between the lines. Use the accurate method of building   your business “Integrity” Tell them your needs, and ask for suggestions on products that are best   suited for your target market. Some products are better suited for quick turn around and may  often be out of stock. Generally pick products that are kept at a higher inventory, and then    choose some quick profit products for your monthly sales. Customers love sales!!

6. It is not necessary to maintain a large inventory for your business these days. There are thousands of “Real” Drop Ship Companies that will work with you for little to no money involved.
An excellent resource for locating wholesale products from thousands of legitimate companies can be found in the The Drop Ship Source Directory.

7. Another great method of purchasing wholesale products and often using the drop ship method is purchasing from other home based businesses. Small business is a huge industry itself. There are products that are not found in retail locations because many Mom & Pop operations create them at home and sell only on the public venues. Never under estimate the power of networking to find reliable products for you home based business! Stop on over to Ryze Network and join one of the many business groups offered. Ryze is free!


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