Success Requires a Clear Vision ~Does Your Plan Fit The Bill~

Success Requires a Clear Vision

One reason many people struggle to become successful is because they don’t have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. They may have vague ideas of the benefits they’d like to gain, like more money or a bigger house – but they have no idea how they’ll achieve them. They may try a few different ventures, halfheartedly working toward a greater level of success, but eventually lose interest when they don’t see much progress.Has this been your experience too?The problem may not be that you’re incapable of reaching the level of success you desire, but rather that you don’t have a clear enough vision of what you want to accomplish.

The true measure of success is not what comes from it, but rather your ability to see clearly what you want to achieve and then doing what it takes to make it happen!

Below you’ll find a simple 5-step process to help you develop a clear vision and put it into action:

1) Know exactly what you want to accomplish. Rather than thinking about the perks and benefits that come along with success, focus instead on conceiving a PURPOSE. What do you want to accomplish? What is important to you? Why is it important?

Think about the qualities and skills you’d like to develop within yourself, and the types of goals that could help you do it. Be very specific! Write it down in minute detail.

2) Know the approximate timeline for completion. Realistically, how long should it take for your objective to be completed? Barring any unexpected delays, have a general idea of when you should reach your goal.

3) Have a list of clear action steps. Besides knowing exactly what you want to achieve, knowing exactly how you’ll do it is also vital. Think about the end result you want to create, and then consider exactly what you’d need to do in order to get from here to there. Write each step in order, and make a note of any possible obstacles you may face along with actions you could take to overcome them.

4) Have a solid plan for putting those steps into action. Will all of your action steps be undertaken at once? Or is there a clear progression that needs to be followed? If a delay or obstacle comes up, would that change the order of your action steps? Prepare and plan ahead as much as possible.

Then, make sure you put your plans into action, and keep them in action.

5) Finally, re-evaluate and readjust as necessary. Once you’re moving forward you’ll want to set aside some time to re-evaluate and readjust if circumstances have changed since you drew up your original plans. You can do this as frequently as needed in order to ensure you are staying on track.

With a clear vision and a strong desire to achieve it, you’ll soon find that you’re on the fast track to success like never before!

Success Requires a Clear Vision by IAIN LEGG

There is a good reason for posting this great motivational series. I have been working long hard hours at my night job plus trying to work full time creating the life style I have chosen to live by. I am a crafter. I create because it brings me a sense of wellness. I feel alive when I see, touch, and sometimes taste colorful things. My vision however is slightly off target these days.

A year ago I worked extremely hard trying to find reliable resources for other work at home moms. I have a belief system that if we choose to raise our children ourselves, we should not be punished to a world of broken finaces. While my better half, {yes I am married } has supported me in every way possible including the fincial ends. I needed to teach my children about self reliance. I started selling World of Products for a few years, but that was not enough to drive me.

From there I spent years on the internet sourcing products so others could stay home with their kids.

As with all good things, even this area had to come to a end. I grew and so did my children. So, this is where I am at today. I still have a vision but my needs are not the same. I still have a need to create, but my motivation is lacking. It takes so much energy to come to a place of wellness. I will be posting many short articles on how we together can inpsire and recapture the vison of our successes.

P.S. You should probably note for reference that I stay up late because I get home late from work. I finish my craft pieces each night so I can keep on track. ~My spelling,grammar,punction,and just plain writing skills are average~ There is a belief I hold onto..

All good deeds are not unnoticed. I am here to offer support and to make our world a better place for each of us. I cant not do it alone.

Its your life, your busines, and your craft!



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