Take It Personally..

How often have you heard someone tell you “not to take it personally”? This is often the disclaimer given when negative or insulting comments are being spoken about you. You may be tempted to dismiss negative comments simply because they conflict with the image you would like to have of yourself. While you can’t mindlessly believe everything a person says about you either, you might want to selectively absorb pieces of information and use them as fuel for motivation.

If several people in your life have mentioned that you seem to be lacking in purpose, or you’re too timid, shy, unconfident, or any other unflattering description – ask yourself why they might have this impression of you.

If only one person feels that way the idea may not hold merit, but if several people all seem to have the same impression of you, there may be something worth looking at there. Think about these comments objectively and ask yourself whether they might contain a grain of truth.

Make a list of the unflattering things people have said to you (or you frequently say to yourself). Then go down the list and honestly assess whether they hold merit. Some of them probably won’t, and you can cross those off the list. The others, however, hold a big key to your personality – and you are in control of those things!

If you discover areas of your personality or habits that could use some improvement, use the feedback you’ve received to make positive changes in your life. You don’t have to remake yourself in one fell swoop – just start working on changing them little by little. If you’ve got a pessimistic attitude, begin trying to see the best side of each situation or opportunity. If you lack confidence, begin building a stronger belief in yourself and your potential.

Not only should you take your personal development seriously, take your goals and aspirations personally! It’s helpful to be objective while defining your goals and preparing your strategy, but the importance of your goals in the big picture of your life should be a very personal matter indeed. Take it seriously, and take it personally. If you experience a setback, question why it happened. Did you try to take a shortcut instead of giving your full effort to a task? Did you make mistakes that caused a setback to occur? If so, internalize those insights and use them to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Personal development and goal achievement alike are very much a process of evolvement. You first must open your mind to the possibilities, learn through self-discovery, take action and continually test your limits. If you take both of these processes personally, you will hold them close to your heart and place immense importance on them, which means you’ll keep working toward them as long as it takes to make them a reality.

The more you work on yourself, the more motivated you will become to keep doing so. And as you improve as a person, so will your goals and dreams begin to grow larger and fuel your motivation to continue.

Author: Iain Legg


Success Requires a Clear Vision ~Does Your Plan Fit The Bill~

Success Requires a Clear Vision

One reason many people struggle to become successful is because they don’t have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. They may have vague ideas of the benefits they’d like to gain, like more money or a bigger house – but they have no idea how they’ll achieve them. They may try a few different ventures, halfheartedly working toward a greater level of success, but eventually lose interest when they don’t see much progress.Has this been your experience too?The problem may not be that you’re incapable of reaching the level of success you desire, but rather that you don’t have a clear enough vision of what you want to accomplish.

The true measure of success is not what comes from it, but rather your ability to see clearly what you want to achieve and then doing what it takes to make it happen!

Below you’ll find a simple 5-step process to help you develop a clear vision and put it into action:

1) Know exactly what you want to accomplish. Rather than thinking about the perks and benefits that come along with success, focus instead on conceiving a PURPOSE. What do you want to accomplish? What is important to you? Why is it important?

Think about the qualities and skills you’d like to develop within yourself, and the types of goals that could help you do it. Be very specific! Write it down in minute detail.

2) Know the approximate timeline for completion. Realistically, how long should it take for your objective to be completed? Barring any unexpected delays, have a general idea of when you should reach your goal.

3) Have a list of clear action steps. Besides knowing exactly what you want to achieve, knowing exactly how you’ll do it is also vital. Think about the end result you want to create, and then consider exactly what you’d need to do in order to get from here to there. Write each step in order, and make a note of any possible obstacles you may face along with actions you could take to overcome them.

4) Have a solid plan for putting those steps into action. Will all of your action steps be undertaken at once? Or is there a clear progression that needs to be followed? If a delay or obstacle comes up, would that change the order of your action steps? Prepare and plan ahead as much as possible.

Then, make sure you put your plans into action, and keep them in action.

5) Finally, re-evaluate and readjust as necessary. Once you’re moving forward you’ll want to set aside some time to re-evaluate and readjust if circumstances have changed since you drew up your original plans. You can do this as frequently as needed in order to ensure you are staying on track.

With a clear vision and a strong desire to achieve it, you’ll soon find that you’re on the fast track to success like never before!

Success Requires a Clear Vision by IAIN LEGG

There is a good reason for posting this great motivational series. I have been working long hard hours at my night job plus trying to work full time creating the life style I have chosen to live by. I am a crafter. I create because it brings me a sense of wellness. I feel alive when I see, touch, and sometimes taste colorful things. My vision however is slightly off target these days.

A year ago I worked extremely hard trying to find reliable resources for other work at home moms. I have a belief system that if we choose to raise our children ourselves, we should not be punished to a world of broken finaces. While my better half, {yes I am married } has supported me in every way possible including the fincial ends. I needed to teach my children about self reliance. I started selling World of Products for a few years, but that was not enough to drive me.

From there I spent years on the internet sourcing products so others could stay home with their kids.

As with all good things, even this area had to come to a end. I grew and so did my children. So, this is where I am at today. I still have a vision but my needs are not the same. I still have a need to create, but my motivation is lacking. It takes so much energy to come to a place of wellness. I will be posting many short articles on how we together can inpsire and recapture the vison of our successes.

P.S. You should probably note for reference that I stay up late because I get home late from work. I finish my craft pieces each night so I can keep on track. ~My spelling,grammar,punction,and just plain writing skills are average~ There is a belief I hold onto..

All good deeds are not unnoticed. I am here to offer support and to make our world a better place for each of us. I cant not do it alone.

Its your life, your busines, and your craft!


Attracting the Next Generation of Crafters

I Want to Create
By: graham and julie
What would you like to create? A peaceful life, a successful life, a good life, a sculpture, a piece of art, a book? What is
it that you would like to create? Whatever you want you can achieve it. All you have to do is follow your natural compass.

Remove the rubbish that takes you off course and let the natural you come through. It is not the case of adding new behaviors to create what you want. No. It’s a case of moving the obstacles out of the away and let the natural you come through.
One of the biggest obstacles of all to being creative in life, to reaching your potential: is conformity. As Shakti Gawain says:’We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or other peoples model’.Just think for a moment. How much do you conform?
The world of work wants you to conform more and more. The computerization of systems has taken away the creativity of individuals and made you conform. Individual creativity of employees has almost disappeared in favour of conformity.The clothes you wear. Isn’t there a strong push to get you to be similar if not the same as everyone else.

The food you eat. Don’t you feel that you are being told what to eat and where you ought to eat it. Which restaurants are fashionable, which food is good for you. What supplements you ‘ought’ to take.

So its not surprising therefore that in our family lives and our lives in general we have become slaves to conformity. The habit and behaviour of conformity, wanting to be the same, is stopping you from touching your creativity.

To reach your true potential, to open up your creativity you must start by having:
Trust in yourself

Having trust in yourself is about listening to the real you, your feelings, your heart and becoming the person you really are capable of becoming. The you, who has been hidden for years and would really like to show the world how good you are.

Now, what are the first thoughts that come into your mind to stop you achieving this aim and objective? Often the first thing that stops you having power over your day to day behaviour is the one who sits on your shoulder or the voice inside your head that constantly nags like a oppressive parent. It’s whole aim is to sabotage your efforts. To destroy your self esteem.

– you ought to do ……that will never work

– you should do ……what do you think your doing

– that will never work “Forget it”.

– how do you think that’s going to pay the bills

– you must be mad don’t you remember what happened last time

Remember there is another voice that you can tune into. A voice that is full of encouragement and hope. Every time you are faced with ‘you can’t do …….. reply with “Of course I can do this…..I have the skills”.

The role of the inner voice is no more than getting you to conform to the labels people have put on you. Your job is to reach your potential. Release your creativity. So why listen? Tell yourself and everyone else I can do it..Of course I can….I am following my aim and objective in life. I am like a seed. With a little nurturing and the right environment I can mature into a beautiful flower. I have done it before I can do it again.

Just think for a moment:

when was the last time you successfully handled difficulties that occurred in your life?

when were you thanked and congratulated for doing a good job?

what responsibilities do you have in your life that you successfully deal with?

what do you like about yourself. What are your qualities?

when in your life have you felt loved?

Remember conformity stops you from being creative. Stops you from leading your natural life. As you learn to overcome conformity and start to believe in your strengths then you have the first step in living a more creative and fruitful life. A life which is naturally yours.


Instead of where there is a will there is a wont.I now believe where there is a will there is a way.
Graham and Julie
Graham and Julie live in the Canary Islands where they pursue their love for writing, photography and spirituality.
To see more of their work please go to: Desktop Mediation



Baking Made Into a Business

This year I am going to learn how to bake specialty cupcakes.
I am not sure this will be a business plan for the future, but it will be my newest crafting adventure.

Do you like to bake? If so, why not consider designing edible creations for profit.  I have been searching for

months and keeping track of the many specialty stores that offer baking products for starting a business. I will

be adding the resources little by little this month.  Valentines day is coming quickly, so why not give yourself a new

craft to work with. Try something different and see how it goes. Baking is a great way of earning a few extra bucks!

If you love to bake, this might be a venue for sales you will want to learn more about.

First tip for the New Year:

Peggy’s Baking Corner


Enjoy, and keep coming back for more resources..

Happy New Years!

Start A Home Business Affordably

Everyone these days needs to make more money, why is that?

It seems like an easy to answer question yet, there really is no easy answer to be found.Today society is pulling  us back and forth for  us to spend to keep the economy alive, yet spending is also creating a back draft so to speak. Spend more, have less! The housing market is one way to look at how we spend our money. We have an imbedded idea of how we should live comfortably. Marketing companies do their absolute  best to encourage us to live the American dream.We should live it, after all the country was founded on freedom.

How do we continue to pursue the dream without spending everything we make? How do we continue to buy without forfeiting real life necessities? How do we learn to trust our own instincts like the good old days? There is no simple answer, yet there is an answer if we search for the right ones.

Start living like we used to live. Learn how to incorporate what you love into actual monetary value.  Sit back and think about how people made money in the old days.

Remember time, travel,  and  communication was a not easily attainable way of living.   Settlers from town to town grew to know each other through social functions. and word of mouth advertising.  Those in the good old days who had  an established brick & mortar business relied on small print advertising, plus viral marketing.    We certainly have more opportunities to build a business than our past generations of home entrepnuers. We have access to products from sources sea to sea. We have unlimited access to free information.  So, starting a home business can be accomplished affordably.

What can you start that cost very little from the beginning plus is needed in your surrounding area?

Here are some samples below..

In-house catering business

If you enjoy the art of cooking or baking, did you know many people no longer do these things themselves. There is a need for catering in most areas especially around the holiday season. Many older community members do not cook large meals due to the size of their household. More importantly some just can not do it anymore. A service that specializes in home cooked {catered meals} is often needed and people are willing to pay for ~GOOD FOOD~

As with the first part of this section there is a need for homemade pastries and cookies. Again, around the holiday seasons

many people will purchase home baked goods to give as gifts or for entertaining. Mainly those search for these offers are retired community members and disabled person’s. Though you should never rule out the younger generation because sometimes

home cooked meals are not something they utilize often.

{ Yes, fast foods have replaced quality foods in many areas}

Design craft patterns

Being an avid crafter myself and self taught craft designer, I love to create new things. Did you know that there are thousands of people who are willing to pay for tutorials on how to make crafts. Of course you already are aware of the billion dollar craft book industry, but are you aware that you too can sell your designs to other crafters for decent money…

All you need to do is be organized when you are designing your craft. Learn how to work in steps through the creation process

and take photo’s and write descriptions of each process. Compile your work into a printable format and start offering it for sale.

You can do this quite cheaply by joining craft pattern groups online, indie craft groups, craft communities and also offering

craft booklets for print locally. There is so many possibilities with this venue, but first you must learn to become a organized

craft designer to make it fly..

Start a creative childcare business

We all already know about child/daycare businesses. They are not cheap to start. Especially with today’s childcare laws.

But you can start a simple creative child care business that does not need to meet state strict standards. How about offering

a one night a week craft club. Crafts kits that cost as little as .50 cents per kit can be obtained easily online or in many

specialty shops. If is a great way to meet new people in your surrounding area by offering parents a night out + giving back to

the children. Many children have lost their creative spirit and you can help them get it back or expand their creativity.

First and foremost, you must like children of all ages..Second, you must be organized to work in a group setting…And third,

you must be able to accommodate the space needed to set up a creative work space for your weekly business.

The best place to get your business free advertising is through your local chamber of commerce, church and through social

groups like Girl/Boy scouts and so on. Getting involved with children will also get parents involved with you!

Home clean up service

Did you know that many apartment/housing owners need reliable home cleaning services. If you live in an area where there are apartment buildings many rental owners & realtors may be able to use your service. I know for a fact that once an apartment has been vacated it needs to be cleaned & spruced up for the next tenant.

Not only that, most past tenants leave belongings behind for the owner to get rid of. This is such a huge hassle for those in the rental business. If you can put together a simple yet precise cleaning contract you will likely have a good   chance of becoming recognized as a professional clean up service. Your service could offer detailed cleaning, additional painting, window cleaning, garbage removal and so on. You can even offer to the renters your service for packing & moving.

Of course, once you transport another’s belonging you will need to be insured and bonded. So check with your local government

offices on how to do this correctly.

Personalized ~House & Yard~ Decor Service

Ok, here is one service I’d be willing to pay for myself.

I am not always on top of decorating for holidays nor do I want to purchase seasonal decorations. { Or Store Them}

So how about starting a service that specializes in house and yard decorating.

All you need to do is purchase good quality & unique in door and out door decorations through out the year.

Once you have a few nice displays you can offer your service to homeowners. Many home owners do not have the time

to create welcoming yards. {Most work 2 job these days just to make ends meet} But we are a society that loves to see

beautiful things, so this is an opportunity to help others while helping yourself.

This business will take planning and products to buy to get started but can be started on a shoestring budget.

Think about the seasons. Think about what people see during these seasons and start purchasing unique items to keep as inventory.


Summer time it is wonderful to look at flower gardens while taking walks. Many people don’t have time to maintain flower gardens, but

your service offers for rent 3 large planters: {You are in charge of setting up the planters and also taking them away at the end of the season}

You may also in your yard service contract offer year long service, so this means when one season is done it is your job to create the

next seasons decor.

Summer Season:

One with fresh herbs

One with Lavender Plants

One with Vegetables or other unique flowers

The beauty of this service is you have a unique business that can be worked all year long!

Winter Season:

Inflatable Yard Decor or decorate the inside of the home with wonderful, and unique products. The homeowners will feel they are on vacation all season!

Fresh Greenery { Wreaths for the doors, ect..}

Hanging what I call~ MAGICAL Christmas lights~ ok, they are just Christmas lights but they do bring on a sense of magic for the season!!

You get the idea..

With me being very creative, I would also opt for more unique items such a creating seasonal entertaining elements both for home & outdoors.

You can find wonderful products at wholesale with no purchase limits in our wholesalers print directory..

Just remember this home business is one that needs to organized from the start. You will need to purchase products to offer your client to rent.

This will cost money but if you do it right, you will make good money also!!

Community ~Welcome Wagon~ Newsletter Organizer

This is pretty easy to start. All you need to do is start a campaign for organizations to list their events & business information is your

business directory.{ Offered online in a ezine setting or offline in a print format}

At first you will need to offer very affordable or a one time listing fee that can be updated when needed.

Moving into a new community is not always fun. It can be scary and sometimes a bit sad for some. Moving into a area where you

have no friends is hard. This often makes the new community member a stay at homer.

We do not want that!! We want our community to be welcoming in both growth and spirit.

As a newsletter organizer you can start a business setting up the above clients plus offer new community members a nice welcome

newsletter for a said period months to help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

{After six months you can then offer them a paid subscription as an option}

Please note, this is not a business that will make you millions of dollars, this is a business that can build upon itself through product expanding such as:

~Welcome Gift Service~

~ Vacation Sitting Service~

~Moving Forwarding Service~

Co-op Newsletter Organizer

~Start your own print or online ezine for people in your town & surrounding area to post 4 sale items or Want Ads~

All right most newspapers already offer this section in their paper, but advertising is sometimes expensive..

So start your own Co-op for items that are for sale or items people are in need of. This can be done with very little expense at all.

If you have Internet service then you have the availability to create a community posting board for free.

To make money with this you will need to get your service out into the public. This can be done free also by posting fliers in venues that people

See often such as church bulletin boards, doctor offices, chamber of commerce and so on..

You can make money by first and foremost keeping it affordable for the community to place their Ads. I would suggest a simple one-time fee for unlimited posting

In your Co-Op newsletter. You will need to do the figures yourself as only you know your surrounding area.

If you are offering a print newsletter again do you math so you are making money not loosing money. I would suggest getting started by offering a ezine.

This is an online format for publishing. You can set up free accounts with WordPress or Blogger. You may already have an account with another blog site, so expand there if you wish.

I personally like the ezine format because you a format that saves postings. This is nice to have an archive system. This will also help you in marketing because

new comers into the Co-op can review the past Ads and learn what works and what doesn’t.

The best thing about this business venue is each person can make extra money with very little effort. Being a garage sale junkie myself, I would love the ease

of just getting online and seeing who is selling what and knowing I can email them to hold it until I get there to pick it up. This is a great service for everyone involved!!

These a just a few suggestions that cost little but offer expandable opportunities..

Of course there are always the stand by small businesses to look into too:

Pet Sitter/Walker

Year Round Lawn/Yard Maintance

Winterizing Boats, Cars, & Campers

Year Round House Cleaning Service

There are many services your community needs to help others get by with daily living. You can also check with

your local chamber of commerce & of course religious institutions for services needed on a steady basis.

Copy Rights Belong To: Partnership Market Ezine


You may reprint this article or use electronically as long as our copy rights information is included with our web address.

Selling Herbal Crafts

Selling Your Herbal Crafts
Date Submitted: October 29, 2006by Lucinda Jenkins LPNHC

It’s that time of year for craft shows and bake sales and fund raisers. Are you looking for new items and ideas to present to your customers and increase profits? Herbal crafts are flying off the tables around the country. The herbal “bug’ has bitten America, folks just can’t get enough. Millions of dollars are being spent on herbal items and the appetite just keeps growing.
Print this project
We have a list of known items that will increase your profits plus keep your customer healthy and happy in a natural herbal way.

Herbal teas are a hit this year. We find that using an unknown tea ingredient (unknown to the American public)like South African Rooibos attracts attention . You can combine peppermint or citrus peels to the rooibos for different and new flavors.

You should also hand out a very small flyer about the healthy benefits of Rooibos tea. (We would provide you with that information).

By purchasing three different teas in bulk you can offer several different combination.

For instance you purchase Rooibos, Peppermint, Chamomile You can offer
Rooibos tea
Peppermint tea
Chamomile tea
Rooibos and Peppermint,
Chamomile and Rooibos
Chamomile and Peppermint tea for indigestion

Now here is the kicker to this,,, these teas are all a healthy cup of tea but can also be a great bath tea. Rooibos is great for skin conditions as is chamomile and peppermint is an energizing bath tea.
Herbal Bath teas are a hot selling item also!!
A simple recipe for an herbal bath is

1 part chamomile
1 part oatmeal
2 part epson salt
1 part crushed lavender buds
1 part calendula petals
Combine together , offer a small 3×5 cotten drawstring bag for you customer to use in the bath .
or fill a heatsealable teabag and offer 3-4 teabags.
( I just fold and staple my teabags shut)

Besides herbal tea, green tea and gourmet black teas are very popular. Teas with uncommon names sell well. Green teas can also be mixed with other herbs to create your own signature type teas. Using a creative name to your blended tea increases sales.

Herbal soap loaves still continue to gain popularity. People love to see you slice a piece of soap for them. Offer samples for smelling only so that the rest of the bars do not get handled by 1,000 different people. Some venders forget that they can wrap and decorate the whole 1 pound loaf of soap and offer it that way. It makes a great gift!

Herbal Pet Products are a big seller. I have found that people will spend money on their dog or cat before they will send it on themselves. Catnip pillow & toys are very easy to make. Just sew together your cut out pattern of material and stuff with catnip. They will be gone at the end of the day.

Pain relief pillows are also a great seller. These can be made is various sizes . The neck pain relief pillows seems to be very popular. These contain flax seed , lavender, rosemary, lemon verbena and other herbs.

Lavender Sachets are popular. Using material and lace scrapes are a great way to use up end materials yet produce a heavenly smelling products. Patchouli Sachets have a seductive scent but also repel moths.

Need more help? Check our website for more recipes and ideas to use . Good Luck and have a prosperous season! Lucinda of Glenbrook
About Author
For more ideas and herbal craft recipes and supplies Vist Glenbrook Farms Herbs and Such http://www.glenbrookfarm.com/herbs
Living Healthy! Living Well! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Joining A Direct Sale Company

Definition of Consultant
A Consultant is someone brought in for a limited time to solve one or more specific problems. This can be done under a contract for a specific problem or on a longer term contract for ongoing needs related to a specific problem.

{Examples: Business coaching, mediation support, I do believe an appraiser would too be considered an independent consultant}The term consultant is often used interchangeably with the terms independent contractor, freelancer, and vendor.

An Independent Contractor is a person or a business that follows an independent trade, business, or profession in which they provide goods or services to the public. { Truck driver/owner operators,painters, interior decorators, ect.. are included in this area} The business contracting for their services must have the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not the means and methods of accomplishing the result. In other words, they contract for certain work to be done, but do not tell you when, where or how to do the work.

The term independent contractor is often used interchangeably with the terms vendor, freelancer and consultant.

A Vendor is a seller of products or services. Often in contracting with a business or the government, the supplier is called a vendor. The term vendor is often used interchangably with the terms independent contractor, freelancer, and consultant.

Another way the word Vendor is used is to describe a business being run on a street, such as a newspaper vendor.

Direct Selling, or Direct Marketing as it is sometimes called, simply means grass roots, face-to-face distribution of products. It used often to refer to door-to-door selling. {A section on what to ask Direct Sale Representatives is included in our Wholesale/Dropship print booklet}

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities seem to be everywhere you turn these days, not only online, but in every part of your life including school and church, where  entrepreneurs lobby even their bible study groups to buy their product or service. Even police departments have been invaded by MLM schemes. The San Diego police department actually had an illegal pyramid scheme discovered within one of its departments!

Equally prevalent are the misconceptions of what this business is and whether it really is a legitimate business or a scam. Trying to find “truth” in this morass of information is a challenge. The appeal of a business with minimal investment and a support system in place cannot be denied. But is this for real? Let’s take a look.

One of the most confusing aspects of assessing the viability of many of the business “opportunities” being hyped is the variety of terms used to describe them. MLM is also frequently called network marketing, consumer direct marketing, or seller assisted marketing and other terms continue to surface.

Multi-Level Marketing
MLM is essentially any business where payouts occur at two or more levels. For instance, if you make a sale, both you and the person who recruited you will get a portion of the proceeds. This is the most commonly used term partly because its definition fits within the legal restrictions for this type of business.

As you can see, even Direct Sale Companies fall into this area, but have a better image due to proper accreditment. On the downside though, there are many companies that get a bad mark due to unreliable representatives/consulants.

Network Marketing
Network Marketing means that a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also MLM in nature in that payouts also occur at more than one level. The term Network Marketing is sometimes also incorrectly used to indicate that the business uses a network of product suppliers in order to offer a broader selection of products. Businesses that describe themselves this way are usually trying to differentiate themselves, suggesting that their program is superior to other programs.

Consumer Direct Marketing
Consumer Direct Marketing is a deceptive term that labels the distribution chain as consumers rather than distributors. In such businesses the distributor must also buy the product for their personal use.

I have seen and heard this so much over the past year. I am not MLM but when you sign up you end up finding out, you can not purchase or support another area of a business that is in competition with the said company. And you must buy their products to make sales. Now of course that is not all that bad, if you love the products and are in need of them. But to have to keep up a quota in order to make a living really in the end makes you very little money. You will see as  research MLM..Network Marketing that they are not much differnet that alot of direct sale companies.
Seller Assisted Marketing
Seller Assisted Marketing Plans is a term used by California law to describe a variety of business forms which include MLM. A minimum $500 investment must be involved to qualify as a Seller Assisted Marketing Plan.

Here is some information to help you decide if this is a good path for you.

The Legality of Multilevel Marketing

The Truth Behind the Claims

How to Find a Good Multilevel Marketing Business

Questions to Ask Before Investing

Industry Watchdogs

While no one really makes the millions promised by so many of the scams, many people find a very satisfying career in some of the multi-level marketing ventures. With the right company, you may find like-minded colleagues who are pursuing similar goals. In some ways, it can be the best of all worlds — no boss, but a good social network and a job where hard work pays off. However, don’t leap without looking carefully. There are also deep shoals that can draw you in over your head rapidly. If you tiptoe into the water carefully, checking that you have firm footing all the way, you will find yourself swimming happily into entrepreneurship.

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (mlm), is a type of business in which payouts occur at two or more levels.

To decide if network marketing is right for you:

Decide what type of product you would be interested in selling
Identify network marketing businesses that might be of interest.
Eliminate any that have not been in business at least three years.
Eliminate any that are not publicly traded.
Give the business strong consideration if it is part of the Direct Selling Association.
Investigate your state laws on network marketing.
Try a variety of potential products you might choose.
Find out as much as possible about the product and its retail potential.
Ask what type of bonus or commission plan the company offers.
Learn what other benefits such as health insurance may be available through the business.
Talk with as many people as possible about the product, customers as well as sales people.
Research the potential market for this product.
Set up a personal financial plan with goals, checkpoints and how you will decide to quit if this doesn’t work for you.
Choose which company you want to work with and sign on.

The internet has become a major source of network marketing spam. Do not join the crowd!
Networking marketing means making sales. Be certain sales is something you want to do.
Don’t believe everything you hear. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
In network marketing, if you make a sale, both you and the person above you in the organization will get a portion of the proceeds.

Consumer Direct Marketing is Network Marketing in which the distribution chain is referred to as consumers rather than distributors. In such businesses the distributor must also buy the product for their personal use.

Related Terms:

Multi-Level Marketing
Network Marketing
Pyramid Scheme

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Multilevel Marketing (MLM)
How to Decide If Network Marketing Is Right For You Business Opportunity Scams

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It’s not so hard to see why consumers would be drawn to ads for business opportunities that trumpet “be your own boss,” “set your own hours,” “work from home,” and “earn money quickly.” But the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that business opportunity promotions like these often are scams that take consumers’ money and fail to deliver on the promises.

Before investing in any business opportunity, the FTC suggests that consumers:

Look at the ad carefully. If it claims buyers can earn a certain income, it also must give the number and percentage of previous purchasers who achieved the earnings. If an earnings claim is there – but the additional information isn’t – the business opportunity seller is probably violating the law.

Get earnings claims in writing. If the business opportunity costs $500 or more, then the promoter must back up the earnings claim in a written document. It should include the earnings claim, as well as the number and percentage of recent clients who have earned at least as much as the promoter suggested. If it’s a work-at-home or other business opportunity that involves an investment of under $500, ask the promoter to put the earnings information in writing.

If the business opportunity is a franchise, study the disclosure document. Look for a statement about previous purchasers. If the document says there are no previous purchasers but the seller offers a list of references, be careful: the references probably are fake.

Interview each previous purchaser in person, preferably where their business operates. The FTC requires business opportunity promoters to give potential purchasers the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least 10 previous purchasers who live the closest to the potential purchaser. Interviewing previous purchasers helps reduce the risk of being misled by phony references.

Contact the attorney general’s office, state or county consumer protection agency and Better Business Bureau both where the business opportunity promoter is based and where you live to find out whether there is any record of unresolved complaints.

If the business opportunity involves selling products from well-known companies, call the legal department of the company whose merchandise would be promoted. Find out whether the business opportunity and its promoter are affiliated with the company. Ask whether the company has ever threatened trademark action against the promoter.

Consult an attorney, accountant or other business advisor before you make the deal.

Take your time. Promoters of fraudulent business opportunities often use high-pressure sales tactics. But, if the business opportunity is legitimate, it’ll still be around when you’re ready to decide.


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