Crochet Tutorials

Learing how to crochet has never been easier thanks to awesome crafter’s and their short clip video’s.

I myself am self taught and wish I would have had these video’s to help me get started. I have been crocheting for
a few years. Never having been able to read a pattern, I thought I was doing the stitches the right way. YouTube ~how to~ video’s
have proven me quite wrong. It does go to show you anyone can create beautiful hand made gifts without any experience. But now I
know the right way and will start taking steps to incorperate a few correct stitches into my designs.

Enjoy the video’s listed below. They should get you in the mood to create more ~OR~ learn the wonderful craft of crocheting…


Crochet Single Crochet

Crochet Double Crochet

Crochet Half Double Crochet

Crochet Triple Crochet

Crochet Multiple- Defining the Meaning

Crochet Cluster Stitch

Crochet Seed Stitch Flower Granny – Part1

Crochet Seed Stitch Flower Granny – Part2

 Crochet Seed Stitch Flower Granny – Part3

Crochet BasketWeave Crochet Stitch – Part 1
Crochet BasketWeave Crochet – Part 2
How to Crochet Beanies : Adding Stitches to a Spiral Crochet: Crocheting Beanies

How to Crochet Beanies : How to Double Crochet in a Spiral: Crocheting Beanies

How to Crochet Beanies : What Size to Make your Beanie Hat

Crochet-How to Crochet a Circle

How to Crochet a Doll

Crochet-How to Crochet a Flower

Crochet Shamrock

 Crochet Christmas Wreath

Crochet Triangle-Star

Seed Stitch Basic Crochet Pattern Stitch

Crochet Star Stitch – Part 1

Crochet Star Stitch – Part 2
Crochet with “plarn”
Plastic Bag Crochet Project Plastic Bags
Joining Plastic Bag Loops for Knitting or Crochet

Digital Granny

A fun site that teaches and shows all kinds of granny squares


5 Responses

  1. can you show me how to do the incomplete double crochet. It’s on Crochetville. But they don’t have the answer either.

  2. can you show me how to do crochet shell stitch?i sow the video last time but today I can not find it!!

  3. I tried to get to the digital granny squares but just got a blank, nothing came up…so, ????????? the deal?

  4. I love the plastiic bag project it actually works
    jan from philly,pa

  5. What does the abbreviation yoh stand for?

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