We support ~Indie Crafter’s~

Maybe it is just habit to surf the net.

Maybe I get a little bored..

Or maybe I believe the world should know about people outside their circles of everyday living..

Yes, all the above is true.  I love to create myself, but have found I am much better at setting aside time to discover new artists’

Isnt it amazing that we can travel the world within our homes. Never having to leave the comfort of our secure domains but still embrace the

world around us. This is what being global has done for us. We can travel within our own minds to see places and creations that 20 years ago would only have been found in books. We can almost touch what we see when we are on the internet. Sometimes pics are worth more than a million words. The beauty of seeing is believing we too can achieve great things because the world around is ever changing.

The world of arts and crafts is ever changing.

We all can create..

We all can achieve..

We all are ~Grand Creations~ in itself!

Though I am not just stuck with Etsy crafter’s, here are a few that have caught my eye this week. And hopefully I will be able to support them further by purchasing a  few cool things too!







Visit YouTube ~Informational Crafting Video’s~

Here are some fun crafty tid bit video’s I found interesting.

Youtube is a lot of fun, but can be very informational also in buidling a craft business..

Have some extra time to play, what some of these listed below..


Tips for Painting on Fabric: Arts and Crafts Painting

Quilling Project: Crafts Beautiful August 2007

An Introduction to Quilling

Quilling flowers



How to create a virtual crafts show

Success in Your Crafts Business

How to build a town from paper

paper cutting demo

AC257 Paper Cutting In English

Paper Cutting Project

How to make a paper snowflake


Make A Cool 3D Paper Snowflake


32 – Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments

Cake Decorating Results:


Cupcake Decorating Results:


Fondant Results:




Etsy Labs ~YouTube Video~ Screen Printing

Start A Home Business Affordably

Everyone these days needs to make more money, why is that?

It seems like an easy to answer question yet, there really is no easy answer to be found.Today society is pulling  us back and forth for  us to spend to keep the economy alive, yet spending is also creating a back draft so to speak. Spend more, have less! The housing market is one way to look at how we spend our money. We have an imbedded idea of how we should live comfortably. Marketing companies do their absolute  best to encourage us to live the American dream.We should live it, after all the country was founded on freedom.

How do we continue to pursue the dream without spending everything we make? How do we continue to buy without forfeiting real life necessities? How do we learn to trust our own instincts like the good old days? There is no simple answer, yet there is an answer if we search for the right ones.

Start living like we used to live. Learn how to incorporate what you love into actual monetary value.  Sit back and think about how people made money in the old days.

Remember time, travel,  and  communication was a not easily attainable way of living.   Settlers from town to town grew to know each other through social functions. and word of mouth advertising.  Those in the good old days who had  an established brick & mortar business relied on small print advertising, plus viral marketing.    We certainly have more opportunities to build a business than our past generations of home entrepnuers. We have access to products from sources sea to sea. We have unlimited access to free information.  So, starting a home business can be accomplished affordably.

What can you start that cost very little from the beginning plus is needed in your surrounding area?

Here are some samples below..

In-house catering business

If you enjoy the art of cooking or baking, did you know many people no longer do these things themselves. There is a need for catering in most areas especially around the holiday season. Many older community members do not cook large meals due to the size of their household. More importantly some just can not do it anymore. A service that specializes in home cooked {catered meals} is often needed and people are willing to pay for ~GOOD FOOD~

As with the first part of this section there is a need for homemade pastries and cookies. Again, around the holiday seasons

many people will purchase home baked goods to give as gifts or for entertaining. Mainly those search for these offers are retired community members and disabled person’s. Though you should never rule out the younger generation because sometimes

home cooked meals are not something they utilize often.

{ Yes, fast foods have replaced quality foods in many areas}

Design craft patterns

Being an avid crafter myself and self taught craft designer, I love to create new things. Did you know that there are thousands of people who are willing to pay for tutorials on how to make crafts. Of course you already are aware of the billion dollar craft book industry, but are you aware that you too can sell your designs to other crafters for decent money…

All you need to do is be organized when you are designing your craft. Learn how to work in steps through the creation process

and take photo’s and write descriptions of each process. Compile your work into a printable format and start offering it for sale.

You can do this quite cheaply by joining craft pattern groups online, indie craft groups, craft communities and also offering

craft booklets for print locally. There is so many possibilities with this venue, but first you must learn to become a organized

craft designer to make it fly..

Start a creative childcare business

We all already know about child/daycare businesses. They are not cheap to start. Especially with today’s childcare laws.

But you can start a simple creative child care business that does not need to meet state strict standards. How about offering

a one night a week craft club. Crafts kits that cost as little as .50 cents per kit can be obtained easily online or in many

specialty shops. If is a great way to meet new people in your surrounding area by offering parents a night out + giving back to

the children. Many children have lost their creative spirit and you can help them get it back or expand their creativity.

First and foremost, you must like children of all ages..Second, you must be organized to work in a group setting…And third,

you must be able to accommodate the space needed to set up a creative work space for your weekly business.

The best place to get your business free advertising is through your local chamber of commerce, church and through social

groups like Girl/Boy scouts and so on. Getting involved with children will also get parents involved with you!

Home clean up service

Did you know that many apartment/housing owners need reliable home cleaning services. If you live in an area where there are apartment buildings many rental owners & realtors may be able to use your service. I know for a fact that once an apartment has been vacated it needs to be cleaned & spruced up for the next tenant.

Not only that, most past tenants leave belongings behind for the owner to get rid of. This is such a huge hassle for those in the rental business. If you can put together a simple yet precise cleaning contract you will likely have a good   chance of becoming recognized as a professional clean up service. Your service could offer detailed cleaning, additional painting, window cleaning, garbage removal and so on. You can even offer to the renters your service for packing & moving.

Of course, once you transport another’s belonging you will need to be insured and bonded. So check with your local government

offices on how to do this correctly.

Personalized ~House & Yard~ Decor Service

Ok, here is one service I’d be willing to pay for myself.

I am not always on top of decorating for holidays nor do I want to purchase seasonal decorations. { Or Store Them}

So how about starting a service that specializes in house and yard decorating.

All you need to do is purchase good quality & unique in door and out door decorations through out the year.

Once you have a few nice displays you can offer your service to homeowners. Many home owners do not have the time

to create welcoming yards. {Most work 2 job these days just to make ends meet} But we are a society that loves to see

beautiful things, so this is an opportunity to help others while helping yourself.

This business will take planning and products to buy to get started but can be started on a shoestring budget.

Think about the seasons. Think about what people see during these seasons and start purchasing unique items to keep as inventory.


Summer time it is wonderful to look at flower gardens while taking walks. Many people don’t have time to maintain flower gardens, but

your service offers for rent 3 large planters: {You are in charge of setting up the planters and also taking them away at the end of the season}

You may also in your yard service contract offer year long service, so this means when one season is done it is your job to create the

next seasons decor.

Summer Season:

One with fresh herbs

One with Lavender Plants

One with Vegetables or other unique flowers

The beauty of this service is you have a unique business that can be worked all year long!

Winter Season:

Inflatable Yard Decor or decorate the inside of the home with wonderful, and unique products. The homeowners will feel they are on vacation all season!

Fresh Greenery { Wreaths for the doors, ect..}

Hanging what I call~ MAGICAL Christmas lights~ ok, they are just Christmas lights but they do bring on a sense of magic for the season!!

You get the idea..

With me being very creative, I would also opt for more unique items such a creating seasonal entertaining elements both for home & outdoors.

You can find wonderful products at wholesale with no purchase limits in our wholesalers print directory..

Just remember this home business is one that needs to organized from the start. You will need to purchase products to offer your client to rent.

This will cost money but if you do it right, you will make good money also!!

Community ~Welcome Wagon~ Newsletter Organizer

This is pretty easy to start. All you need to do is start a campaign for organizations to list their events & business information is your

business directory.{ Offered online in a ezine setting or offline in a print format}

At first you will need to offer very affordable or a one time listing fee that can be updated when needed.

Moving into a new community is not always fun. It can be scary and sometimes a bit sad for some. Moving into a area where you

have no friends is hard. This often makes the new community member a stay at homer.

We do not want that!! We want our community to be welcoming in both growth and spirit.

As a newsletter organizer you can start a business setting up the above clients plus offer new community members a nice welcome

newsletter for a said period months to help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

{After six months you can then offer them a paid subscription as an option}

Please note, this is not a business that will make you millions of dollars, this is a business that can build upon itself through product expanding such as:

~Welcome Gift Service~

~ Vacation Sitting Service~

~Moving Forwarding Service~

Co-op Newsletter Organizer

~Start your own print or online ezine for people in your town & surrounding area to post 4 sale items or Want Ads~

All right most newspapers already offer this section in their paper, but advertising is sometimes expensive..

So start your own Co-op for items that are for sale or items people are in need of. This can be done with very little expense at all.

If you have Internet service then you have the availability to create a community posting board for free.

To make money with this you will need to get your service out into the public. This can be done free also by posting fliers in venues that people

See often such as church bulletin boards, doctor offices, chamber of commerce and so on..

You can make money by first and foremost keeping it affordable for the community to place their Ads. I would suggest a simple one-time fee for unlimited posting

In your Co-Op newsletter. You will need to do the figures yourself as only you know your surrounding area.

If you are offering a print newsletter again do you math so you are making money not loosing money. I would suggest getting started by offering a ezine.

This is an online format for publishing. You can set up free accounts with WordPress or Blogger. You may already have an account with another blog site, so expand there if you wish.

I personally like the ezine format because you a format that saves postings. This is nice to have an archive system. This will also help you in marketing because

new comers into the Co-op can review the past Ads and learn what works and what doesn’t.

The best thing about this business venue is each person can make extra money with very little effort. Being a garage sale junkie myself, I would love the ease

of just getting online and seeing who is selling what and knowing I can email them to hold it until I get there to pick it up. This is a great service for everyone involved!!

These a just a few suggestions that cost little but offer expandable opportunities..

Of course there are always the stand by small businesses to look into too:

Pet Sitter/Walker

Year Round Lawn/Yard Maintance

Winterizing Boats, Cars, & Campers

Year Round House Cleaning Service

There are many services your community needs to help others get by with daily living. You can also check with

your local chamber of commerce & of course religious institutions for services needed on a steady basis.

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Interview Questionaire:

Copy and paste questions below:

Tell the world how and why you got started in your business.

~We promote Creativity~


1. As a child was crafting something you did often?

2. What types of crafts did you like most?

3. What was it like when you were growing up?     Did your parents play a major role in your creative abilities?

4. When you are creating what is your main focus? Do you need a quiet space or do your need an active enviroment to get your creative juices flowing?

5. Tell us about yourself and why you want the world to know about your crafting treasures.

6. Do you want to give special thanks to those who embrased your creative side, do it here.

{We love real life inspiration}

We could ask the same questions most ezines ask but we want to know the person behind the business. Crafting is not just money making way of life. Crafting is a gift from the heart. Creativity is the way to embrace the grand vision of~Self~

~Preserving the past..Promoting the future~

7. How can you preserve the past with your creative abilities?

8. In the next 10 years to be, how do you vision your creative lifestyle to be?

9. Last but not least, what is one treasure of advise you can pass on to the younger generation for creating a life full of passion?

Partnership Market Ezine would like to thank  “You”  for allowing us to help others come to a place of inspiration by getting to know the crafter behind the business.  We look forward to featuring a full page article dedicated to your creative business!

Craft Barter Exchange Benefits & Ideas

A craft barter exchange can be used in some creative ways to the benefit of all parties involved, but is often overlooked – here are some ideas for you, and ways in which you, your customers and your suppliers can benefit from these trades.
Craft Barter Exchange To Pay For Services Or Products

When I started my business I didn’t have a big budget for advertising, but it was obviously necessary, so I would seek out other small businesses where I could make contact directly with the owner to discuss the option of paying for advertising not in cash or on credit, but with products of mine to the value of the service.

For example, we have a local A5 booklet dropped in our mail boxes once monthly which is purely advertising – the first half is devoted to home improvement services, and the second half to other local products and services, which I noticed also included advertising for craft and handmade items. I picked up the phone and contacted the company who prints and distributes the booklet, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was all run by one woman, so we started chatting… I ended up with a full color half page ad which was very successful, and which ended up costing me less than half the full price!

You see, the beauty of barter exchanging your products for services is that you’re trading them at their retail value, but that’s not what they’re costing you to make them!

Craft barter exchanges can be used to pay for many different services which can either help boost your business, such as advertising, or services/products which are just necessary, such as getting business cards printed.

Whether you have the budget for these things or not, always try to negotiate a barter exchange wherever you possibly can – you will save a lot in the long run, which can then be put towards more advertising or promotional activities.

Craft Barter Exchange To Boost Sales

Upselling is a term you should be familiar with (if not, go research it now!) and is usually limited to your own products, but let’s do some thinking outside the box…

If you find someone who sells products that are complimentary to yours, they can work well as good incentives for upsells – here’s an example:

You have a booth at a craft fair or market, and a customer is admiring your handmade jewelry. She’d really love to go home with your beautiful (most expensive) jeweled necklace, which she knows is going to match her evening gown just perfectly, but she’s hesitating because of the price.

You, however, have barter traded with a crafter who makes handmade purses – for just this reason! You approach your prospective customer and suggest that if she’d like to purchase that necklace, you’ll also let her have this lovely evening purse which matches the colors of the necklace fabulously… sold!

There are many other examples – offering free fancy gift packaging or handmade greeting cards if the item is being bought as a gift; a free dining table candle if someone is buying handmade napkin rings, or vice versa; even seasonal promotions such as free Christmas tree decorations with something purchased at that time of year.

Use your imagination to find items that are complimentary to yours, and when you introduce the idea of doing a barter exchange with another crafter s/he will probably thank you for sharing the idea too!

If you’d like to participate in and benefit from craft barter exchanges, browse our Craft Barter Directory and get listed free!

Target Marketing

Want to improve your craft sales results?

You have to change the process to change the results.
It’s estimated (and I can well believe it) that of every ten sales people, only three will actually ask for the business. Of those three, only one will be successful in closing the deal. Are you the one who makes the sale, or are you part of the nine who don’t?

If you’re in business for yourself, it’s because you have something to sell. Are your results what you expect or would like them to be? Do you think (or know) that you could do better?
Improve Your Craft Sales Results – Can You Sell?
It’s a common scenario – for example: You make something that everybody loves, so you decide to start selling your products in the hopes that you’ll build your little business into something big enough to sustain a full time income, but you’re just not selling enough to be able to quit your job and work for yourself.

It may be that you’ve never been trained in sales – this is not unusual, you’re an artist or crafter for a reason, if sales is what you were born to do, that’s what you would be doing. It may be that you’re not very comfortable with or confident at selling – also not unusual if you’ve never been taught sales skills and techniques, because it takes time to develop the confidence to sell when you first start out.
Improve Your Craft Sales Results – Develop Your Skills
Whatever the reason, the good news is that it’s really easy to turn the situation around so that you start closing one deal after the next, resulting in a much improved cash flow!

Yes, it does take confidence, and you will build that confidence up sale by sale, because it also takes skill and technique – once you’ve learned how to sell, and you apply your new skills, you’ll be so thrilled with the results that your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds, and so will your sales!

I’d like to share a personal anecdote on this topic, because what I’m writing about here is what I’ve experienced myself.
Improve Your Craft Sales Results – A True Story
At one of my previous jobs where I worked in a customer service role, my employer thought I showed promise to do more, and offered me a position in sales. I accepted, wanting to improve my earnings and climb up a notch. However, I didn’t do very well at all. My employer hadn’t offered me any sales training, and all the other sales consultants came from experienced sales backgrounds, so they didn’t need to be trained (or so he thought).

I didn’t want to lose this opportunity or fail at it, so I made some enquiries and I found a one day seminar that offered sales training for beginners. I asked my employer if he would pay for it and allow me to go – he wasn’t very keen at first, but he could see how enthusiastic I was, and he was impressed that I’d been proactive instead of just giving up.

Well, that one day practically changed my life! I didn’t realize it at first, of course, because the techniques seemed like such a “hard sell”, and I didn’t think I was confident enough to go through with it all. But little by little I started trying a few things out – a different rebuttal if a customer was giving me a reason s/he didn’t want to buy; or a different introduction to the beginning of my sales pitch – and I could see that these things were having an effect on my customers, an effect that was positive for me.
Improve Your Craft Sales Results – Take Action!
A lot of people think you have to be a “born salesperson”, but I can testify that isn’t true. When you learn the right sales skills and techniques, and you apply them, you can become a successful salesperson. And if you want to run your own successful craft business, you have to become a successful salesperson – your business depends on it.

There are a number of ways you can go about learning the sales skills and techniques you need:

* Search the internet * Find out what courses are offered in your area * Browse your local library or book store, etc.

Generally speaking, not everything of value that you find is going to necessarily be free or inexpensive, but very often “you get what you pay for”.
For more free craft business info and resources, visit Craft Business Home.com – the free guide on how to turn your craft into a profitable home business!