The Most Beatiful Form of Art

This is not uncommon for crafters or anyone who is a passsionate creative soul,

 ~Loss of Self Awareness~

Many people do not understand what it takes to create.

Most people in today’s world have a need for strength, success, exposure, and acceptance.

We are an ever changing creation.

We need to learn why we do the things we do.

This is not directed only to creative souls but to the general population. 

Understanding the insight to our ~Self~

helps those around us understand the importance of creativity.

 The mind is the most beautiful form of art!

The mind has the ability to create wonders that only a few can image. 

The mind has the power to enhance the spark that lights the path of the night.

The mind is the essense of beauty..

And beauty is becoming a rare form of art due to our minds!!

To achieve peace and creative wholeness visit this wonderfully refreshing window to ~Self Awareness~

             Get inspired by clicking here!!


We support ~Indie Crafter’s~

Maybe it is just habit to surf the net.

Maybe I get a little bored..

Or maybe I believe the world should know about people outside their circles of everyday living..

Yes, all the above is true.  I love to create myself, but have found I am much better at setting aside time to discover new artists’

Isnt it amazing that we can travel the world within our homes. Never having to leave the comfort of our secure domains but still embrace the

world around us. This is what being global has done for us. We can travel within our own minds to see places and creations that 20 years ago would only have been found in books. We can almost touch what we see when we are on the internet. Sometimes pics are worth more than a million words. The beauty of seeing is believing we too can achieve great things because the world around is ever changing.

The world of arts and crafts is ever changing.

We all can create..

We all can achieve..

We all are ~Grand Creations~ in itself!

Though I am not just stuck with Etsy crafter’s, here are a few that have caught my eye this week. And hopefully I will be able to support them further by purchasing a  few cool things too!